Have You Met MEET?

MEET is all about good food and good feelings.


Good because you’re going to satisfy your family, your friends or anyone who tries it. Good because you’re doing the right thing by the planet. And good because our nutritious ingredients are doing the right thing by you. 

That’s the power of positively plant-based MEET – good food feelings for everyone who eets it. 

Proudly Australian made and owned

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Good eets for every meal

If you’re going to get through dinner every night and MEET everybody’s different needs, you need variety – but you also need nutrition.

Whether you’re making tacos, burgers, spag bol, tapas, stir fry, cacciatore or just getting a good ol’ fashion Aussie BBQ going on, there’s a delicious meat-free alternative ready to jump onto your hot plate. And that’s not all you can make – learn about our tasty plant-based range on the products page.