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Even the biggest (or littlest) food-lovers agree on MEET, no matter what they like to EET. That’s because with MEET, you can have your “meat” and eat it too, with satisfaction in every sense - no compromise. 

Full flavour and perfect texture, a good source of protein and iron, low in saturated fat with a 4 star and above health rating. Our plant-based ingredients let health and happiness MEET in one delicious package. 

No need to worry about mopey moos or sad clucks either, that’s the power of plants! MEET lets you feel good from the moment you pop it in the trolley through to the moment it’s in your mouth. And that’s what it's all about isn’t it? Feeling healthy, feeling happy and feeling good. 


All we ever wanted was to give you the full-meat experience that does all the things you love – without all the meat. A crazy dream, yes. Impossible, no.

Back in 2008, Stephen the original founder of the business, started his life’s mission: to bring his love and expertise in food together with his passion for our planet to develop plant-based MEET that’s good for us, good for the environment and accessible to all. His team has now spent over a decade developing a plant-based meat so tasty that it meets the needs of a meat-loving world and meat reducers alike with joy, not compromise.


More recently, his son Matt has joined the business, a former Olympic swimmer who had long seen the benefits of good nutrition to maximise physical and mental performance. His philosophy continues to be a good balance, great taste and enjoyment which is at the heart of MEET.

Together they now lead the business and have launched an Australian made range of meat-free EETs that’s an utterly mouth-watering and irresistible culinary experience... you don’t need us to overcook this story, so let’s not mince words. Let’s just EET.

Founder Stephen with his son Matt | The Meet Co


We're super proud of what we can do to help those in our community, that need it the most.


We’re continually innovating, tweaking and learning to bring everyone the best tasting, healthiest plant-based goodness, we possibly can. Part of this includes sharing our leftover products with others who need a nutritious and tasty meal.


We partner with Oz Harvest to ensure our plant-based goodness gets into the hands of those who need it most and recently worked with Theodora’s Cheerful Givers who operate as a food bank in Victoria, giving to those in need. Something that we hold very dear to us is the importance of generosity. Giving back while we continue to improve our plant-based goodness is a significant part of who we are and something we believe all businesses should do.

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