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- 240g MEET Italian Meetballs

- 2tbs olive oil - 1 bunch Ice berg lettuce - 1 spring onion - 1 carrot - 1/2 cucumber - 1 red chilli - 1 tomato - 125g vermicelli rice noodles

DRESSING: - 1/4 cup lime juice - 1 tbs soy sauce - 1 tsp sesame oil - 1 glove garlic minced - 1.5 tsp chilli sauce

METHOD: 1) In a medium frypan over a medium heat add 2 tbsp of olive oil, and cook MEET Italian Meetballs for 5-6min until golden. 2) While the Italian Meetballs are cooking, prepare noodles by boiling in water for 3 minutes. Then drain and set aside.

3) Grate carrot, thinly slice cucumbers, red chilli, and dice tomatoes.

4) Thinly slice lettuce leaves and thinly slice spring onion (mix the two together).

5) Make sauce for the Italian Meetballs by combining all dressing ingredients in a small bowl and set aside.

6) Divide between two bowls the vermicelli rice noodles, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and spring onion mix, and diced tomatoes.

7) Divide the Italian Meetballs between the two bowls.

8) Add the sauce over the Italian Meetballs.

9) Add fresh Chilli to each bowl.

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