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MEET The Newest Addition to HelloFresh Meal Kits

Over the last few years, it’s been incredible to see Aussies embracing plant-based protein like never before. The data shows that one in three Australians are now either flexitarians’ or meat-reducers [1] and grocery sales of plant-based meat products in Australia have been growing rapidly with an increase of 46% in the 2019-20 [2].

With plant-based eating gaining momentum across the country, we’re so proud to see our MEET range flying off shelves in Coles supermarkets, as well as being enjoyed at top restaurants like Masala Theory, Justin Lane and Johnny Rockets.

As MEET continues to grow and guide the way Aussies think about plant-based protein, we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with HelloFresh to bring delicious, healthy MEET meal kits to kitchens throughout Australia.

HelloFresh, Australia’s home delivery meal-kit market leader, have included MEET’s new Plant Based Southern Style Tenders in their meal kits, delivered into homes this week.

Anyone who regularly chomps into a plant-based meal like our meetballs, strips or burgers knows that

this style of eating isn’t just for vegans or vegetarians. A wide range of Aussies are enjoying a more flexible approach to food, from families looking for new dinner options for fussy eaters to foodies who love nothing more than experimenting in the kitchen.

But as the country’s plant-based offering has continued to expand, it has become obvious that not all plant-based products are created equal. In fact, when some Aussies have first ventured into the plant-based space, they haven’t been impressed with the meals they’ve served up.

Our first time trying a new food plays a huge role in how we think and feel about a product or even an entire category. This means we need to provide Aussies with easy ways to try plant-based products and make sure that when they eat these products, they taste great!

With a focus firmly on taste, all MEET’s products are the result of Australian made and owned cooking technology, which has been 15 years in development, beginning with a partnership with CSIRO. Our range offers the closest meat-free option to animal meat available in Australia today, while delivering a range of health benefits for consumers and the planet.

Matthew Dunn, CEO at MEET, said “I’m thrilled that HelloFresh subscribers across the country will now have the chance to experience MEET’s plant-based range as part of their meal kit delivery, making it simple for them to start or continue exploring plant-based options from the comfort of home.”

“Our Plant Based Southern Style Tenders are sure to win over even the most dedicated carnivore, so we look forward to welcoming a new group of plant-based eaters to the MEET family!” Mr Dunn finished.

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