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MEET’s Plant-Based Chicken Free Strips are now available for purchase in 750 Woolworths stores around Australia

SYDNEY, Australia – 26 September 2022 – MEET, Australia’s next-generation plant based meat startup, today announced its MEET Plant Based Chicken Free Strips will be available in Woolworths stores around the country. MEET is 100% Australian made and owned, using over 70% locally sourced ingredients that directly support Aussie farmers. “We’re proud to partner with Woolworths and offer our chilled MEET Chicken Free Strips to shoppers across the country. It’s exciting being able to provide our great tasting MEET products to more consumers and educate them on the health and environmental benefits of switching out meat for MEET, even once a week” said Matt Dunn, CEO at MEET.

Research by Deloitte shows that 60% more food will be required to feed a world population of 9.5 billion by 2050. Plant-based diets are on the rise both in Australia and globally, with CSIRO recently reporting that the value of Australia’s plant protein sector will reach a whopping $6.6 billion by 2030. MEET Plant Based Chicken Free Strips are now available in the chilled meat section of 750 Woolworths stores across Australia in 250g pack for $5.00. MEET Plant Based Chicken Free Strips are made with clean, high-quality ingredients. You know how people always say, ‘it tastes like chicken’? Well, after trying these, you’ll definitely agree! MEET’s Chicken Free Strips are animal-free - nutritious, delicious and better for the planet.

Here’s how they stack up:

● 23g Protein per serve

● High in Iron & B12

● No Cholesterol

● Low in Saturated Fats

● Source of Fibre

● 4 Star Health Rating

● Nine ingredients

For more information about MEET, visit the website here


About MEET

Sydney based MEET is Australia’s next-generation plant-based meat startup. MEET makes nutritious and delicious plant-based meat using clean, high-quality ingredients that replicate the taste and texture of animal meat. MEET’s patented cooking technology has allowed the 100% Australian owned company to create superior Australian made plant-based meat products that are good for you and benefit the health of our home planet.

ProForm Foods is the parent company of MEET, established in 2008 by Vogel Cereals Founder, Stephen Dunn. The privately held food-tech startup, MEET was founded in 2019 by Matthew Dunn, former Australian Olympic swimmer. In December 2021, MEET secured investment from Harvest Road, a company of Andrew Forest’s, Tattarang.

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